Turn Waste to Valuable Plants

Biocolumn is a plant cultivation system designed expressly for commercial aquaponic applications. The irrigation system handles suspended solids and high throughput. Water delivery cycles are automated and programmable. The vertical orientation of Biocolumn planters supports deep-rooted plants while elevating them for accessible crop management.

How It Works

Biocolumn, integrates off-the-shelf thin wall 4” diameter PVC using a proprietary saddle fitting. A cross sectional view of the fitting is displayed in figure 2. On both sides of the fitting are clasping arms that allow off-the-shelf ¾” fittings to snap in; ¾” tubing delivers water into the columns.  

The saddle fitting can be permanently fixed into place with solvent welds at its joints or temporarily bonded with silicone sealants. This integration with readily available off-the-shelf components affords modularity, customization and rapid prototyping.